The Game

Cat-astrophe! is a whimsical action game targeted at younger players. Set in a cute and colourful world, you play as Nyan, a kitten whose aim is to eat everything in sight while avoiding larger creatures.

   The Project

Course: CS3247 Game Development

Project ID: 3247-11

Team: Daryl, Xinni, Hieu & Melvyn

Advisor: Dr Anand Bhojan


Simple and cute graphics theme, with matching soundtracks and effects!

Immersive and incredibly fun gameplay - preview the first stage:

How to install



Windows XP SP2 +
Mac OS X 10.7 +
Ubuntu 10.10 +

Graphics card:

Post 2004 graphics card
DX9 (shader model 2.0) capable

Disk Space:

At least 600MB


Mouse and Keyboard or Videogame Controller
Oculus Rift


SSE2 instruction set support


At least 1GB

   Installation Instructions

1. Download Cat-astrophe to your computer

2. Unzip the contents to a suitable directory (.exe file and data folder)

3. Double-click on game.exe to start the game!

Game guide

Game Objective

   Eat smaller creatures to keep your hunger meter up

   Avoid larger creatures, these are predators.

   Fill up your hunger meter to grow and proceed to the next level.

Eat or be eaten!

   How to play

OR, USE THE Keyboard!

Movement: WASD / Arrow Keys
Jump: Spacebar
Look Around: Mouse or Oculus


   Keep your hunger meter up by eating often
   Hunt smaller prey by ambushing them from behind or around corners!
   Walk instead of run to sneak up or around creatures
   Prey can inform each other on your location and hide
   Avoid larger enemies! They will chase YOU instead!